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About Us
Brief History of our Organisation
Prachi Youth Social Organisation (PYSO) came into being by a group of educated young people in the 1991-92 who wanted to do some social good in their own locality. Thus in the initial years they undertook some development work albeit unsystematically. But their good intention showed immediate results and they received unqualified support from the local population. Encouraged by this overwhelming response from the local people they decided to make the programme more widespread. This to make their activities more visible and acceptable . it was decided to get the organisation registered under the relevant acts. Thus the organisation was registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860, (Act of XXI). Subsequently in order to have access to overseas funding the organisation was also registered under FCRA 1976.
Legal Status
1. Registered under Indian Societies Registration Act,1860 (Act of XXI) in the year 1994. Regd.No:-4208/338 (1994-95)
2. Registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976 in the year 2000. Regd.No:-105020248 (2000).
3. Certificate for exemption of Income Tax Issued by Commissioner of Income Tax, Bhubaneswar till 2007. Regd.No:- 63/2001-02.
VIsion & Mission
PYSO envisions a society where there is no discrimination on grounds of caste, class, creed, language ,religion and region where every individual is assured of the right to liberty, equality and justice. To empower the power the powerless, give a voice to the voiceless, and to ensure the basic minimum rights for the disadvantaged to enable them to become the masters of their own destiny. PYSO gives special emphasis on youth empowerment, gender equality, primary healthcare, education and to promote local self governance.
Objective of the Organisation
To translate our goal into reality certain objectives has been set up by PYSO and maximum efforts have been taken to bring out objectives into reality. The main objectives of the organisation are to give free and compulsory education to the children below fourteen years, provide assistance to the weaker sections, especially the disadvantaged, orphans, disabled,women,children,marginal and small labour, work for water and sanitation in the rural areas, STs/SCs to carry out developmental activities in socio-economic, education and agricultural fields for the welfare of the society. The particular objectives are organising people to fight for social justice, to promote gender equality, to promote community involvement for sustainable development.
Area of Operation
At present the organisation is working in kakatpur & Astarang Block of Puri District, Orissa.
Target Groups
Women & Destitute Physically Challenged
Children Senior Citizens
Youth Physically Challenged
Small and marginal farmers Rural Artisans
SCs/STs & OBCs Child Labours
To organisation believes in the development model of development where the beneficiaries are treated as the part and parcel of the organisation around which the whole development process revolves as opposed to the charity model in which the whole development process revolves as opposed to the charity model in which the beneficiaries are treated as mere recipient of charities and aids.
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