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Agadhu Kamala Hospital
Due to defunct of Govt. Hospitals in our area the common people depends on quack and village practioners. In common disease people of our area rush to Puri, Bhubaneswarand Cuttack. By realising this situation PYSO runs a charitable hospital in the name of Agadhu Kamala, which is situated at Kakatpur in our campus. Our main objective behind establishing the Hospital to provide quality healthcare to needy and down-trodden people of Kakatpur and Astarang Block. This hospital provides 24 hour service at free of cost. The main ailments treated in our hospital are Pediatric, Gynecology, Skin infections, malaria and Gastro-intestinal diseases.
Education Programme
- Running of School
- Public Library
- Agadhu Rath Sikshya Samman
- Book Exhibition
Programme on youth
Health programmes
- Mother & Child Health (MCH)
- Health Camp
- HIV /AIDS Awareness Camp
- Cancer Awareness Camp
- Agadhu Kamala Hospital
Programmes on Women & Children
Programme on Disaster
Programmes on livelihood
- Relief & Rehabilitation
Cultural Programme
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