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Relief & Rehabilitation
Village Reconstruction Committee
Village reconstruction Committees have been fromed in each village with an objective to look after the participation and involvement of the villagers with PYSO for Programme implementation. Presently PYSO formed total 70 VRC in our operational area.
Food for Work
Due to devastation by Super Cyclone 1999, PYSO undertake food for work programme in the aim of providing job to poor people. During these programme ponds are digging newly and renovated , village roads are also constructed.
Betel Vine Restoration
Betel Vine is one of the cash crops which most of the farmers in the area cultivate for the years. This has been regarded as the important livelihood sources for the farmers particularly landless. The Vines have been totally damaged in the Cyclone by which the cultivators lost their source of livelihood. To restore their Livelihood supports (materials ) for the farmers @ R's. 4000.00 each has been provided to 600 families in Kaka & Staring Block. The cultivators with the supports are able to restore their Betel Vines and regain the income source within a small duration. That activities has succeed by the support of ISNRMPO, care (Dorsa).
Seed Bank
Seed Bank have been formed in our operational area . They are able to store paddy seeds and lend during cropping time.
Live Stock Programme
221 beneficiaries who are landless, poor, widow have been selected for support in Live Stock program. Heifer Project India will provide animals, sheep's, goats to the beneficiaries latter on. Training on Live Stock management and health care has been provided to SHG leaders and village Leaders.
Flood Relief Programme
In the month of July 2001 the coastal districts of the state have been witnessed severe flood. Puri district is very badly affected, road communication was disconnected in most of the places. large number of houses destroyed, crops damaged, people have lost their fishing equipment. In every year this type of disaster faced by our areas. During flood PYSO actively involved himself through relief and rescue work.
Community Nursery
After Super Cyclone ,PYSO erasing nurseries in every year and distributes to village's for creating green and making a disaster protection force also.
Education Programme
- Running of School
- Public Library
- Agadhu Rath Sikshya Samman
- Book Exhibition
Programme on youth
Health programmes
- Mother & Child Health (MCH)
- Health Camp
- HIV /AIDS Awareness Camp
- Cancer Awareness Camp
- Agadhu Kamala Hospital
Programmes on Women & Children
Programme on Disaster
Programmes on livelihood
- Relief & Rehabilitation
Cultural Programme
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