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In the year 1991 organisation was born as a youth club in restricted mentality have only manpower but now it will be able to create popular identity.

  1. Organisation able to organise three eye camps in defferent years like 1996,1997 & 2001 .Total 170 catract patients operation made successfully .
  2. In the year 1997-98 , organisation able to provide justice to two families from District administration. Their families head are died in lower age. They got Indira Awas and Rs.5000/- each.
  3. After Super Cyclone, Our organisation able to provide relief in Kakatpur, Abadan, kurujang G.P of Kakatpur Block and kendrapati, saripur & sisua , Nagar G.Ps of Astrang Block. Kitechen food, rice,dal, clothes and vegetable seed's distributed among above mentioned G.P's for overcome from emergency period.
  4. We able to revive total 600 families livelihood through restroration of their betel vines. Because their Livelihood lost during Super Cyclone . All families are depending Betel Vines, So we able to raise fund's from ISNRMPO,CARE OXFAN (I) Trust to revive their betel vine and sustained them.
  5. By food for work PYSO able to create assets for villages like digging pond's and construction of roads in 20 villages.
  6. A Public Library can established in 2000.
  7. An Innovative schools also established in 2002.
  8. More than 150 self help group already promoted in Kakatpur & Astrang Block.
  9. In Kakatpur, which rural area, First time in our state the book fair organised continuously at Kakatpur .
  10. PYSO can be able to established a AGADHU KAMALA HOSPTIAL (charitable) in Organisation Campus.

About PYSO

Prachi Youth Social Organisation (PYSO) came into being by a group of educated young people in the 1991-92 who wanted to do some social good in their own locality. Thus in the initial years they undertook some development work albeit unsystematically.