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Training of SHG

Over the past few years there has been growing talks in women empowerment. As part of the programme women self-help groups are formed which are successfully used in many areas to bring in a social change. In this year we organised 2 Awareness-cum-Training Camps in Kakatpur & Kenderapati G.P. In these camps women were explained the concept of SHG and the possible advantages that they can derive by forming viable groups. The leaders of the SHGs were also trained on EDP and various income generation activities that they will be able to undertake on commercial terms. During training, giving more emphasis on capacity building of self help group leaders. Presently PYSO promoted 100 SHGs in Kakatpur, Katakana, Kundhei and Lataharan G.P of Kakatpur Block and kendrapati & saripur G.P of Astarang. For their Capacitybuilding we organised capacity building trainng for them. We also links these groups with the banks and other institutions. Among the groups, some of groups are running business in their locality successfully.

One -day consultation on childlabour

we are organised a consultation on child labour protection in kakatpur Block.In this consultion PRI members, teachers, valunteers and senior citizens are participated in whole hearted on how the child labour will return main rhythm. In this consultation, all are gave consent to eradicate child labour from Kakatpur area and try to return them to schools. Child of tender age working in Hotels, Garages, Construction sites are common both in rural areas. This year PYSO also organized a rally by our school children. This rally was convered Kakatpur town using placard and slogans.

About PYSO

Prachi Youth Social Organisation (PYSO) came into being by a group of educated young people in the 1991-92 who wanted to do some social good in their own locality. Thus in the initial years they undertook some development work albeit unsystematically.