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Mother and Child Health (MCH)

If recent statistics are any indication that the health status, especially that of mother and children can said to be less than satisfactory. Orissa has got the dubious distinction of having the highest IMR in the entire country which stands at 97 per 1,000 live birth. Similarly 350 mothers in every 1,000 die while giving birth to their babies. Despite many efforts at government and non-government levels various programmes aimed at population control have not succeeded. The ;less than spectacular results on Family Planning front can be attributed to high level of IMR , low status of women, strong preference for the boy child and rampant poverty . PYSO is contributing its bit in controlling the population by providing effective RCH services tot he target population. To set the things right a series of awareness camps were organised in PYSO in our operational area. In these programmes more than 500 women participated.

Health Camp

In every year PYSO organising  Health Camp in different days of various month. On 3rd & 4th november of 2007, we are organising free Health Camp in the presence of renounced Neurology Professor Dr.Rabi Sahoo. Total 341 patients are treated during two days camp. On jan.04.2008 we are organised another camp in the presence of Dr.Kalyan Rath and DR. Durba Rath. They are treated total 137 patients in this camp. On 20th Jan. 2008 our local youth who is Asst, Prof. in Khristian Medical College, Velore . During his visit to home he also organising a camp.On Dec. 29th 2019 we also organised a free Health camp in our Hospital Premises. Specialized Doctors are attened such camp and medicines freely distributed to patients.
HIV /AIDS Awareness Camp

Over the past few years HIV/AIDS have become a dreaded discase and is spreading very fast. The rural areas of the district are also not immune from its grip. As far as the present level of knowledge is concerned there is no curative medicine for it. The only way our is to prevent it . Thus the organisation is trying its best to prevent the dreaded disease through awareness creation. For this rallies, meetings were organised on 10th December 2007 at Kakatpur High School by the help of CECN (NGO Network) and Welcomes. So we are organising rallies, meetings, postercampaign regularly in Kakatpur and Astarang area.

Cancer Awareness Camp

PYSO Organised Cancer Awareness Camp in kakatput Block in every year. During camp several cancer specialists explained to the women how to detect suspected cases of malignancy.

Agadhu Kamala Hospital

Due to defunct of Govt. Hospitals in our area the common people depends on quack and village practioners. In common disease people of our area rush to Puri, Bhubaneswarand Cuttack. By realising this situation PYSO runs a charitable hospital in the name of Agadhu Kamala, which is situated at Kakatpur in our campus. Our main objective behind establishing the Hospital is to provide quality primary healthcare to needy and down-trodden people of Kakatpur and Astarang Block. This hospital provides 24 hour service at free of cost. The main ailments treated in our hospital are Pediatric, Gynecology, Skin infections, malaria and Gastro-intestinal diseases.Our General OPD runs two times in a day.

About PYSO

Prachi Youth Social Organisation (PYSO) came into being by a group of educated young people in the 1991-92 who wanted to do some social good in their own locality. Thus in the initial years they undertook some development work albeit unsystematically.