Programme On Disaster Preparedness

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Orissa is home to disasters. Disasters like cyclone ,flood & drought visit the state every other year. The devastating super-cyclone of 1999 has taught a very important lesson to the people, Government and organisations engaged in social work. It is not possible to prevent disasters to occur. But certainly with proper planning the effect of disasters can be reduced to a great extent . As the operational area of the organisation is highly vulnerable to cyclone and flood the organisation is actively involved in the Disaster Preparedness in Kakatpur G.P undertook the following programmes under the community based Disaster Preparedness.
  • Identifying catchments villages and vulnerable areas.
  • Preparation of Community Contingency Plan.
  • Studying the level of co-operation of community and village administration.
  • Training was given to selected youth in both hardware and software activities.
  • Formation of Task force and Village Resource Committee.